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Professor X

Groggy-eyed and semi-conscious he pulled his heavy body up in the bed and laid his back against the pillow. His wife saw he was awake and brought him in some coffee and the newspaper. He often found that the celebrity gossip section had the most meat. He put the newspaper down and picked up his […]


         She let out a deep sigh as she turned the key in the door. The same sigh as always…of exhaustion, of monotony, of melancholy, and of relief. The comforting relief she found in placing her keys on the same little table as every other day. She thought to herself, with that humble optimism that […]

And then there was one

     Time stood still for her then. In that raised cabin in who knows what part of the world. She paused in front of the wooden shutters, trying to peek through. Teasing herself until finally she slowly opened them and allowed her eyes to devour what lay before her. Not all at once. Calmly dwelling […]

Shut up monologue

  Jesus, she’s fuckin gorgeous. Stop lookin at her ya sap, she’ll think you’re a fuckin pervert. She probably has pricks starin at her all day. I’d say she hates them. I fuckin hate them and I am one. A man. Am I though? Not like those sickos who goggle at her all day though. […]