I saw myself in the distance
I ran and clung onto me
With all my might I clung
The ghouls came
With their grasping hands
Trying to tear me away from myself

But I hung on so hard
They tried to pry open my hands
But they couldn´t
My nails dug into my back
Mutated by the scrapes of the ghouls
Their efforts would not cease

They pulled at my shoulders
My waist, my hips
They lifted me by the thighs
Others at my ankles
They pulled and pulled
My hands dug further into me
Opening my shoulder blades

I ripped open my rib cage
As they pulled and scraped
Terrified, desperate tears burned my cheeks
It’s all over, I thought
And then it stopped
The ghouls faded into the distance
And I began to put myself back together
Little by little

First published on Word Riot:


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