Groggy-eyed and semi-conscious he pulled his heavy body up in the bed and laid his back against the pillow. His wife saw he was awake and brought him in some coffee and the newspaper. He often found that the celebrity gossip section had the most meat. He put the newspaper down and picked up his […]

I looked out over the fieldsIt was all so quietAnd I was scared that the silence outsideWould make it all too noisy insideBut it didn’tI went at its paceFlowed into the slow rhythmLet my mind work on a tempoThat seemed a lot more humanI had so much to sift through thenI thought it’d all seem […]

They didn’t know how They were left alone Just the two of them They’d successfully avoided Such a situation For twenty long years The two of them now Staring into their beers As if it was right there That conversation would be found That answers would be found The rift would be healed But alas, […]

The morning’s sunshine reflects on the tables And the holiday makers are easily Separated from the work goers I’m not really sure which I am My coffee’s a little too sweet I in no way needed this third cigarette The interview’s soon and I’m not Sure what they want from me But surely they won’t […]

She dragged herself along the streetHalf-empty wine bottle in her handShe flopped onto a doorstepGrim noises and spit gurgled up from her insidesShe embodied life’s fuckedupnessSome kindly citizens made a callBut not without judgmentA siren came closer and closerMy heart sank a little moreThey took her away in their medical vanIt was sadNot because she […]

Known to many as flying rats But they’re wrong The working class Of the bird world The ones that stayed on As brick placed on brick Not pure and flitting in meadows But surviving amidst the man-made Not what birds should be, eh? Dirty and deformed The markers of staying on with us Of sticking […]

Please don’t come to haunt us, PastFor we can’t look in your mirrorNeither alone nor togetherWithout losing our mindsPlease don’t taunt us with your evidenceOr we’ll fall into your sad armsAnd lie with you foreverLet us have our hopeLet us have aspirations for the futureEven though it too will become the pastAnd we will fear […]

I woke up with my head caved in. I knew I just needed coffee and tea. So I got up. Drank the coffee. Took the teabags out of the box And stuffed them in my eye socket. They filled out my head. The hole that was there. I decided to go out to the street. […]

I saw myself in the distance I ran and clung onto me With all my might I clung The ghouls came With their grasping hands Trying to tear me away from myself But I hung on so hard They tried to pry open my hands But they couldn´t My nails dug into my back Mutated […]

Bastards, the lot of themNot an ounce of compassionBetween themI search desperately forA glimmer of tendernessIn their blank glassy eyesUntil I become wearyI retreat back into my shellOnly to encounter the sameEmpty space where humanity should beBut today is a bad day First published on Misfits’ Miscellany: